Step 1: Choose Roofing Products

Select the length, colour, the quantity and then "Add to cart" - You can add more lengths after adding the first selection to the cart.
Mettro Tile MabatiFrom KSh714.00 /m
Imarisha BOXFrom KSh605.00 /m
Bamboo Tile MabatiFrom KSh714.00 /m
Imarisha Prime TileFrom KSh714.00 /m
Wave Tile MabatiFrom KSh714.00 /m
Imarisha CorrugatedFrom KSh605.00 /m
Imarisha Box Mabati G28From KSh694.00 /m
Imarisha BOX Crimped SheetKSh900.00

Step 2: Choose Roofing Accessories

Add Your Preferred Roofing Accessories.
Rain GuttersKSh850.00
Ridge capsKSh694.00
Roll Top Ridge CapKSh865.00
Roofing NailsKSh300.00 /kg
Valley Gauge 28KSh845.00
Valley Gauge 30KSh605.00