Step 1: Choose Roofing Products

Select the length, colour, the quantity and then "Add to cart" - You can add more lengths after adding the first selection to the cart.
Bamboo Tile MabatiFrom KSh730.00 Per sqm
Imarisha BOXKSh480.00 Per sqm
Imarisha Box Mabati G28From KSh700.00 Per sqm
Imarisha CorrugatedKSh480.00 Per Sqm
Imarisha Prime TileFrom KSh730.00 Per sqm
Mettro Tile Mabati - Gauge 28From KSh730.00 Per sqm
Wave Tile MabatiFrom KSh730.00 Per sqm

Step 2: Choose Roofing Accessories

Add Your Preferred Roofing Accessories.
Rain GuttersKSh700.00
Ridge capsKSh400.00
Roll Top Ridge CapKSh750.00
Roofing NailsKSh270.00 Per Kg
Valley Gauge 28KSh650.00
Valley Gauge 30KSh400.00