Choosing The Right Roofing Color

Choosing The Right Roofing Color

Choosing your roofing color isn’t as simple as picking roofing tiles or sheets that match your favorite color. You have to consider several things so it not only affects how your home looks but on your roof’s overall performance too. If you happen to be in the planning stages of choosing a new roof, here are some tips that will be helpful:

Factor The Permanent Exteriors In.

If your home has permanent exterior such as the walls of your house, you have much of the work cut out for you. Choose roof colors that complement its color. Remember that shutters and trim can be repainted to match, but bricks can’t.

Light Colored Roofing Can Help Reduce Energy Consumption 

If you’ve ever experienced the cooling effects of wearing a light-colored shirt under a midday sun, you already have an idea how cool roofs work. Light-colored roofing reflects sunlight and solar heat, significantly reducing the heat absorbed through the roof.

Use The Color Wheel

A simple and old-school tool is the color wheel. The great thing about it is that classic color harmonies like complementary, analogous, and triads can help you choose a rough color combination in a matter of minutes that could define the mood of your home’s color scheme.

Use Online Tools 

Online tools such as GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler let you combine roofing, siding, and trim options, then virtually install them on images of your own home, which gives you a better visual approximation of how your color selections would look like. You can even save them, complete with the exact color options, for later reference.

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