A new roof is a considerable investment for your home. Besides protecting you, your family, and your property from harmful weather elements, it gives a home a unique identity. That’s why it’s essential to top your home with a roof that can best protect it and last for a long time.

With plenty of available options, you must consider several factors when choosing a suitable roofing material for your home.

Service Lifespan and Affordability

Choosing an inferior material because of the cost to roof your property will have dire consequences in the short run. If you are building a property to use for most of your life, for your future generations, or a commercial building, installing the right kind of roof using the appropriate material can give you a good return on your investment and peace of mind.

But if you’re not planning to own the property for a short period, consider your budget and go for a relatively shorter lifespan material.

Roof Slope

Roof Pitch

Pay attention to your roof pitch as you narrow down your selection of materials. Your roof’s capacity to drain water is an important consideration. The best roofing materials for classic, steeply pitched homes have always been those with narrow backs, often known as corrugated sheets. They are the most popular since they are the easiest to install.

Low-slope roofs should employ a specialized product that is more leak-resistant when exposed to stagnant water; in this situation, big-back roofing sheets, also known as box profiles in the market, would be preferable.

The Roofing Application

Imarisha Mabati Jungle Green Roof

Whether the new roof is being installed on a brand-new or an existing old structure, this makes a big difference in your selection of roofing material. Even with renovations and new roofs, you have more choices because you’re not restricted to an existing structure. Factors such as roof materials (timber or trusses) must be considered. The roof trusses employed must be suitable for the type of roofing sheets you need; some materials, like roofing tiles, call for tight trussing to provide a well-stiffened roof that eliminates the possibility of leaks.

Most roofing tiles comprise soft-hard materials that provide maximum manufacturing flexibility which particularly tend to flex when laid on large trusses, leaving some sections vulnerable to leaks.

Conversely, small and big back roofing sheets use few trusses as most are made of full-hard materials that are hard to bend, thus eliminating any leaks occurrences after roofing.

The Environment

It’s imperative to consider the environment your project is located in when choosing materials for your roof. Trees over your roof, industrial pollution, distance from the ocean/sea, and a humid climate are some conditions that can cause rust, mold, mildew, moss, or algae and affect the performance of your roof.

If you live in the coastal region, you should invest in high aluminum and zinc-coated roofing sheets that prevent fading and rust.

Suppose you live in a mountainous region or one that experiences heavy rainfall. In that case, aside from the material, the pitch of your roof will need to be steeper to encourage rainwater to flow down easily. Your roof’s material and pitch will also affect how your roof holds up in the face of strong winds. To avoid roof damage, choosing a roofing material that can handle environmental situations where you live is essential. In this case, we recommend a slightly heavier gauge, let’s say gauge 28 and above.

Aesthetics/ Visual Appeal

Imarisha Mabati Brick Red Roof

Color is also a significant consideration for most people. Color is used to highlight the appearance of the building, sometimes even to compliment the overall painting of the building.

A bright-colored roof will make your roof look bigger and vice-versa, and it is important to know that dark colors are likely to absorb the sun’s heat, while bright colors will help reflect it.

When selecting your roofing system, consider how its look will match your home’s style and give it a visual appeal.

Installation Experts

Imarisha Mabati Fundi

We all know how frustrating it can be to invest

in so much on roofing materials and end up with

a poorly done roof. It’s essential to ensure that

your contractor understands your desires, of

that dream roof – if possible, show them pictures

of roofs that you would want to have.



Always seek reliable experts’ advice before deciding on your roof’s material and design.