Made in Kenya

We proudly design and manufacture our products in Kenya.

Our customers have come to expect the utmost world-class quality that is used to manufacture modern and durable roofing profiles.  We maintain this reputation by diligently constructing our products at our factory. We believe that by having a fully established processing and manufacturing Factory gives us the flexibility to serve our customer base, be able to monitor the quality of all our products as well as create job opportunities for able and brilliant workforce in the formal and informal sector.

We do not compromise on our promise to make our products ourselves because we are proud of it.

KEBS Certified

Considerable time and effort have been devoted by Imarisha to assure commitment to product quality. As a result, Imarisha has recently been awarded right to display the KEBS mark of quality on all our products, complying with stringent standards for safety, product performance, and reliability to the requirements of ISO (ISO NUMBER HERE)  for the following scope:

>>>>What ISO Certification reads<<<<<<

The award and upkeep of the KEBS is Imarisha commitment to maintaining quality systems, ensuring our customers of the highest possible product standards.

Quality Guarantee

Commitment to “quality” is part of our corporate culture as well as one of our strengths. Our quality to a great extent is derived from our “Invisible assets” particularly our people, who have diverse talents and strength, our technology and equipment are that enable us to materialize our passion into products and our customers who give valuable opinions on their experience with our products and services.

We vow to contribute to the society through our business activities by making the most of ourselves.


Made in Kenya

Safety is one of the highest priorities within Industriel.


KEBS Certified

To assure commitment to product quality, we were awarded the Standardization Mark, KEBS mark of quality


Quality Guarantee

Commitment to “quality” is part of our corporate culture as well as one of our strengths.