Roof Installation Procedure

Whether you’ve hired a professional or plan to install a roof yourself, understanding the IMARISHA ROOF installation process and steps involved will help you ensure your new ROOF is properly installed. Here’s an overview of the ROOF installation steps for box profiles and tiled roofing sheets.


  • Requirements.
  • IMARISHA ROOFING sheets overlap and interlocks.


  • Tape Measure.
  • Straight Edge (Ruler).
  • Snips (M’kasi).
  • Claw Hammer.
  • Saw.
  • Roofing Accessories.

Roofing Accessories

  • Rubber Washers.
  • Roofing Nails.
  • Ridges, Valleys & Roll tops.
  • Screws & Drills (Optional).
  • Wall connectors flashing.

Aligning The Trusses & Purlins 

While aligning the trusses and the purlins for the ROOF it is important to have in mind how the IMARISHA ROOFING sheets will be arranged. The key determiners of this include;

  • Direction of the wind.
  • The ROOFING designs.


Make the vertical closures are of the same size space in between horizontal closures.

roof installation


Vertical closures = Distance between the two purlins.





Steps For Roof Installation

  • Prepare for the Rafter and Purlins;
  • Start by laying first sheet to flash with ROOF deck.
  • Fasten the ROOF panels before you proceed with the next sheet.
  • Overlap the starting point of the second sheet to the end point of the first sheet at the angle and fasten.
  • Now Repeat the steps till the entire ROOF is covered.


roof installation


Installation Tip: Roofing Nails Should Be driven directly and vertically into the purlins 
to avoid sheet damaging.

Always overlap the slim lap over (Over Lap) the fat lap (Under Lap). This should be done according to the wind direction.

roof installation roof installation

  • Overlap at the end of the edge must be left for fascia.
  • You can use a string strip to guide you in balancing the edges.
  • The nails are supposed to be directed to the Rib (Mgongo).
  • The screws are not supposed to be overly tightened on the sheets.

roof installation

WHY NOT: Having an overly tightened Sheet Increases the chances of sheet damages and 
also to give efficient.

Recommended facts To Note Before Doing The Roofing.


roof installationroof installation


Roofing Tip: The Sloppier roof discourages heat absorption into the house and roof leakages. 
Thus  more suitable.